Willing Caring Kritters

A Non Profit Rescue

   Aug 01


We are looking for a donations, As always I can not do this on my own. We are looking for Pig supplies and litter pans of all kinds. Dog food and cat food , Bird food and Pig food. We also need Blankets and cages. Please feel free to drop of anything your no longer in need of at 14912 Shirley Ave. Warren Mi 48089.

   Jul 29

On the rise:Kittens and Puppies

This is the season that brings out all the female cats that are not fixed. Babies are out in bushes. Being thrown out of cars. We can stop abuse of these poor babies by simply finding a low cost spay and neuter clinic. Most are very quick and safe for your cat. Check your local paper for updates on summer programs.
As always feel free to email me with

Questions to What to do with a found animal,

Surrenders, Abandoned animals ,

Animals we can take in.

Miniature Pigs, Dogs, cats, kittens, Puppies, Parrots, Parakeets, Finches, Tame skunks, Prarie dogs, Exotic animals.

   Jul 26

New Donation Campaign

We are in desperate need of money. We want to move our Non Profit business to a larger area. Please help today and donate through our pay pal. button under donations. Issabella

   Jul 11

Homes needed . Arkansas dog foster home FULL.

Please call today Forever HOMES needed immediately!!!

A single lady that has been fostering dogs and cats on per property in Arkansas. Has a full house . She has 3 Lab mix that are 4 to 6 month of age. There are thee other dogs That need homes also. Pictures coming soon.

$250.00 a dog this includes Willing Caring Kritters bring the dogs/ puppies to Michigan .Shots , spade and or neutered of each dog. Please remember that these dogs will have all their shots which cost us 150.00 dollars for the full gambit of shots.
The rest covers dog food and transit expenses.

Please Help today WE NEED homes for these dogs ASAP.

CALL ME TODAY 248-579-3619

Here is a 3 year old boxer mix . House trained and a love bug.
Boxer Mix for adoption


Here is a Dachshund beagle mix almost 6 months old.IMG951598

A beagle and chi mix and a lab mix .
Beagle Chi mix


   Jun 14

looking for Donations

We are looking for donations to get a building. Our main goal is to get enough donation and room to be able to help
20 dogs, 20 cats, 15 miniature pigs, 25 exotic animals , 15 parrots or birds. This is not an easy task. We need donations Badly. We also are in need of Dog food , Cat food and other such foods for our foster parents. Please help out today call or text or email me .


   Jun 11

We are trying to find a way to help

Please email me if you own or operate a rescue. I can put your place up here . Be seen by 1000′s of people a month.

Email me at Cherie.Kilburn@gmail.com.

I have room for Birds, We foster out our dogs and cats at this time to foster homes. Please contact me with information if you want to be a foster parent or you want to surrender your animal. You can email me or text me at anytime.

   Jun 11

update as of 6/10/ 2014

The lady that was to join WcK for me to train pigs for therapy program has not gotten back to me. I am now taking applications for people that want to donated pigs to the cause of training for the sake of helping handicap people out. I can also train Birds, Small animals and more. Please contact me by sending me an email.

   Mar 22


We have One cat for adoption .

Her name is Star she is fixed and has special needs . She is a short haired Persian mix.  She does not like humans unless they fill her bowl. She will let you love on her . If she does it is only for a min. Then she thinks her duties are done. She is fine with other cats but does not buddy up with anyone.  Please email me for a picture at Cherie.Kilburn@gmail.com

   Feb 24

Welcome to The Restart.

Welcome to Willing Caring Kritters.

We have changed locations and have changed what we take in. We are now taking in Mini Pot Belly Pigs. Limited space is available.

60 Lbs. and under. We only take in other animals if there is a donation and an extreme emergency. ( Other shelters are full and can not take said animal. ) There are a lot of programs out there that can take your animal or if you just need food please look for Angels Out Reach in auburn hills on Auburn road.  Please if you have any extra cages, blankets , Food , We are always in need !