Willing Caring Kritters

A Non Profit Rescue

   Mar 31

Therapy Pig Journal: Bennett

We have 2 Incoming trainers.

One rescue and one baby . Please watch here for their progress and their pictures. coming Sunday.

   Mar 31

Therapy Pigs Jornal Uhl

We have 2 Incoming trainers.

One rescue and one baby . Please watch here for their progress and their pictures.
Coming sunday.

   Mar 29

I am going to see about some small pot bellie pigs today

Small Pot belly Pigs where originally used as food for people in the Philippines and some foreign islands  some people used them as sport and bought them only to turn them loose and shoot them for the small dinner after. but someone in the United States found that they are very clean and some are very smart. Unlike most animasl they are hypoallergenic. They do learn tricks and some are life savers. They are litter trained and are often bought because they are so cute as piglets but there are many that are often given up in the first and second years of their lives.

On a happier note. They are also used as companions for handicapped children. They are now being used in therapy for group homes. So what does this mean. Well as always they are very expensive. The Juliana breed can cost up to $ 2000.00. Our hope is to be able to save some of the pigs that might go in to the slaughter house. That have known a loving home with a cooshy bed and rehabilitate them to be assistant mini pigs.


   Mar 22


We have One cat for adoption .

Her name is Star she is fixed and has special needs . She is a short haired Persian mix.  She does not like humans unless they fill her bowl. She will let you love on her . If she does it is only for a min. Then she thinks her duties are done. She is fine with other cats but does not buddy up with anyone.  Please email me for a picture at Cherie.Kilburn@gmail.com

   Mar 22

Pigs for adoption.

We have no pigs at this time for adoption. Please check back again or send me a personal  email.



   Feb 24

Welcome to The Restart.

Welcome to Willing Caring Kritters.

We have changed locations and have changed what we take in. We are now taking in Mini Pot Belly Pigs. Limited space is available.

60 Lbs. and under. We only take in other animals if there is a donation and an extreme emergency. ( Other shelters are full and can not take said animal. ) There are a lot of programs out there that can take your animal or if you just need food please look for Angels Out Reach in auburn hills on Auburn road.  Please if you have any extra cages, blankets , Food , We are always in need !